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Discover the leading power plant spares manufacturer in India – Mevadhashma, delivering top-quality products. Mevadhashma: Your ultimate choice for power plant spares in India, offering the best manufacturing solutions. Experience excellence with Mevadhashma, the top power plant spares manufacturer in India, delivering unmatched quality and reliability. Mevadhashma Electrostatic Precipitators Parts: Achieve the strictest emission levels with our top-choice spare parts for power companies worldwide. Mevadhashma: Your trusted source for Electrostatic Precipitators, Pulse-Jet Fabric, Boiler Parts and Rotary Air Lock Valve, delivering exceptional emission control solutions for power plants. Mevadhashma Spares of ESP, Boiler and Bag filter: Expertise in handling diverse fuels, ensuring efficient emission control for biomass-fired power plants and more. Mevadhashma: Leading supplier of Electrostatic Precipitator spares, offering comprehensive solutions for power plants’ emission control needs. Mevadhashma: Your reliable partner for Boiler, ESP and Bag filter spares, catering to power companies globally with our extensive experience and top-quality products.

Key Features

  1. Wide range of electrostatic precipitator spares for smooth operation
  2. Boiler parts optimized for different fuel types like coal and biomass
  3. Pulse-jet dust collector parts keep emissions under control
  4. Rotary air lock valves regulate material flow
  5. Casting and graphite parts made to handle high temps


With over 150 specialized spare parts engineered for power plants, Power Plant has your operation covered. Mevadhashma designed these parts based on decades of experience so you can keep your plant running in top condition. The electrostatic precipitator spares, boiler parts, and dust collector parts are critical for maintaining efficiency across different fuels like coal, biomass, and more.

How it Improves

Power Plant is for power companies looking to optimize performance, reduce emissions, and improve longevity of their equipment. With parts engineered to handle high temps, abrasion, and corrosion, Power Plant keeps your plant in peak operating condition while reducing maintenance costs. Operators can have confidence they are getting OEM-quality spare parts for all their critical systems.

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Main Area

  • Wide range of Electrostatic Precipitator Spares for smooth operation
  • Boiler Parts optimized for different fuel types like coal and biomass
  • Pulse-Jet dust collector parts keep emissions under control
  • Rotary Air Lock Valves Regulate Material Flow
  • Casting and Graphite Parts Made to handle high temperature
  • Customised New Product Development and Import of Non-Standard Items

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